Im schönsten Wiesengrunde

… is the second part of the permanent exhibition on the 2nd floor. A very different story is told in this area. A servant will guide you through the rooms in the south wing of the castle. Actually, says Ambrosius, nobody should enter here. After all, the rooms are inhabited. In fact, Neuenbürg Castle was the residence of bailiffs, forest masters, artists and families for centuries. But Ambrosius is ready to make an exception for you.

Just don’t be surprised, dear visitors, when you discover packaged furniture and boxes blocking your way. After all, the gentlemen like to travel, and at any moment a carriage could drive into the courtyard to load the valuable items.


SNBG - Im schönesten Wiesengrunde

Asylum stone from 1593

SNBG - Im schönesten Wiesengrunde

Square piano from the family of Baron von Uexkyll-Gyllenband, around 1860

Schloss Neuenbürg - Barrierefreiheit